Does Advocare Spark Really Work?

My girlfriend and I use it our crunch times that require us to work long hours consecutively. I was first introduced to the product by James from Expert Car Care, he had a meeting with a group of co-workers and went over the overall aspect of Advocare. At first I was aware of the speech, having done business before with Monavie, Herbalife and many more.

James was so adament about this product, he actually gave us a free container of Advocare Spark to keep. He said "I want you to use it and let me know what you think in a month". Well, I'm no sucker and when someone is giving me something free to try it usually means it is a good thing. So I share my new free spark sample container with my girlfriend over the course of a month. There was a difference in our overall workflow when using Spark, it was a good energy drink for us.

It wasn't until 2 weeks after we finished the container of Spark that we noticed it was a crucial part to our crunch times. We both work in digital arts and normally have relaxed schedules. Crunch times happen when a project nears the end of completion and all the final tweaks go into place. Usually we put in anywhere from 14-20 hours a day for the last week. This is when advocare spark really kicks it up a notch for us, our counter will forever have spark on it.

It's something you really need to try and not listen to what different people's results are. Why? Easy, you could skew your own experience by looking for the specific traits that each person says they felt.