When your body is bombarded with more than it can handle, it may struggle with fatigue, inadequate rest, and illness. ImmunoGuard™ supplement combines botanicals, vitamin C, citrus flavonoids and other nutrients that help support healthy immune function.*

ImmunoGuard contains shiitake and reishi mushroom extracts, which have been shown to help enhance immune responses.* Evidence also suggests that the maitake mushroom D-fraction in ImmunoGuard also enhances immune responses in addition to activating immune cells.* Astragalus extract activates white blood cells known as B-lymphocytes, which produce antibodies that are vital for locating foreign antigens and marking them for destruction.* This powerful botanical extract also helps increase the body's levels of other lymphocytes called T-cells, which not only destroy foreign cells but also regulate and coordinate the overall immune response.* Turmeric powder contains bioactive polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that help provide immune system support.*

Is this you?
Someone who wants improved immune support
Someone concerned with general health and well-being
Someone who suffers from frequent sickness and&or high stress