CorePlex Chewable

Some families may not have their nutritional status at the top of their priority list, but you can! Parents must partner with their children and set some new goals for health and wellness. By establishing a strong nutritional foundation for the whole family as part of a healthy lifestyle, parents can have a positive influence on their children's health now, as well as encourage healthy patterns for their own life. CorePlex Chewable multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplement is a great-tasting solution for nutritional needs.* It supplies a combination of 28 important nutrients in delicious cherry and orange chewable tablets that are easy for anyone to take. You won't find a better chewable multivitamin on the market. CorePlex Chewable helps provide a solid nutritional foundation for the whole family, helps support healthy growth and development in children, encourages immune health, and supports the development and maintenance of healthy bone, muscle and connective tissue.* Each serving is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and many other nutrients suited for you and your child's bodies.* Ensure your whole family the proper nutrition they need by giving them CorePlex Chewable.

Is this you?
Someone who does not always eat a balanced, healthy diet
Someone with an aversion to swallowing pills
Someone who is a picky eater and needs a foundational source of nutrition
Someone who is always on the go