Advocare Slim

For anyone looking for an easy-to-use solution for weight loss and weight management, AdvoCare® Slim™ is the perfect answer.* Combining appetite suppression, energy and metabolic enhancers, this 2 oz. prepared serving not only helps you control your cravings but also promotes fat reduction and an improvement in your body composition.* Altogether, Slim has a synergistic effect, helping you manage your diet and maintain energy while changing your body from within.* It really is a system in a bottle!

Slim combines two proven ingredients, Svetol® and Super Citrimax®.


  • Anyone looking for a healthy weight-loss system that's portable and convenient
  • Individuals who need an extra boost of energy
  • People who are looking for appetite control
  • Anyone with an aversion to pills
  • Someone who wants to add another weight-management tool in conjunction with MNS