Fresh start to a new week, mood: Excited!

Alot has happened in the past week, but the good news I'm not feeling sore. We spent most of the weekend setting up our new office in Winter Park, Florida for an internet marketing & web design firm. Did alot of running around getting desks, chairs, shelves, paint, and a couch. I think we shopped at everything with the title "Office" in it's name about 3 times just trying to find the right items.

How to buy a comfortable office chair

I didn't know this, but chairs actually have an average rating of 3-hours seat time before feeling uncomfortable. Talk about throwing a wrench into the wheel, we had to find chairs that would last atleast 5-hours to be sufficient. Thankfully one of the guys from OfficeMax gave us the 101 on chairs.

He explained to us that in order to sit comfortably in any seated position, it's key to keep the body circulating properly. Here are some tips that he recommended for optimal comfortablitiy:

  1. Keep feet planted on the ground with legs at a 90 degree bend
  2. Make sure the chair molds to your natural curvature (on your back)
  3. Adequate Gaps between knees -> chair, and sides -> chair arms (about a 4-finger gap)

New workout feelings with Mass Impact

After we got all the furniture situated, we decided to paint the bottom trim and door frames a pumpkin orange. It looks amazing, unfortunately it took us from 11pm to 8am with all the taping and painting. (click here to see the room finished) I also got my new shipment of advocare products in, received Muscle Strength, o2 Gold, & Mass Impact. The first 2 supplements I took about 60 minutes ago, and the Mass Impact I took about 30 minutes ago.

Now I'm off to the gym to compare my own results from last week, very excited to see how it goes. I'll keep you updated next week with a recap after I have a few days with the products in my system.