How to build a better business foundation

When starting out on any new adventure in life, it's wise to know exactly what type of problems you could run into. I've managed many different businesses from pizza delivery to complete automotive repair shops, all of them have the same common factors: Presentation, Quality of Service, Time Management, and Cost.  Of course there are many other factors to worry about, but this blog entry will be focused on these 4 points.

Presentation: Are you capable of producing quality results?

Doesn't matter what business you are in, gaining a good customer base takes time and effort. Customers need to believe they can depend on your word that the product will produce the results they are looking for. So when selling anything, sell yourself to the customer instead of the product or service.

A good way to be presentable to a customer is by dressing appropriately, be able to answer questions confidently, and leave good contact information with them, such as a business card. Business cards offer a way for customers to feel they have time to think about their decision, and depending on the quality of your business card design it could be a deal breaker.

Quality of Service and / or Products

It doesn't matter what you provide, in order to create repeat business the product or service has to satisfy the customer's want or need. If they buy a supplement from you that says it will provide weight loss, how much more likely will they be to purchase from you again if they lose 10-15 lbs in the first 2 weeks? Now if were to sell the product to them promising they would lose 10-15 lbs in a month, do you think they would invest more by seeing results in those 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks? Of course! It satisfied their desire to lose weight and exceeded by delivering it faster than you promised.

Services are treated a little bit different, because you are not selling a pre-packaged product it's more important to be professional and listen to their needs. Customers often are not satisfied with their current service providers for many different reasons, usually if you ask and listen to their concerns you can overcome their concern and provide better service not only to them but to future customers.

Time Management: Organization to work efficiently in any industry

Every corporation and small business look daily to be more efficient with their time to optimize their profits. The same goes for dealing with a day-to-day business such as MLM (multi-level marketing) companies, which a business system to individuals that offers an efficient way to make money. In order to get the most out of any business endevour it's important to think about the larger picture.

There are 2 methods to consider in business, 1) Make $1,000 from 10 people or 2) Make $1 from 10,000 people. The chances of meeting those 10 people are slimmer than meeting 10,000 that have a $1 to give, while you look for the 10 people with $1,000 to spare introduce yourself to those 10,000 with $1, because the chances of them having friends that have $1 to give is what will help your business grow.

Every large corporation or small business has done the same thing to succeed in a day-in and day-out basis. If you think about it, starting a business where you have 1-2 customers a day then those 2 customers tell 2 people thats 4 customers...etc. Every business in the world essentially runs off of a pyramid scheme setup that allows them to be successful in the long haul.

Cost: Keeping overhead down will allow for more profits

Many small business fail due to the lack of financial management, so do individuals that think they can instantly stop their flow of income to chase another oppurtunity. If you are starting your own business using any one of the major MLM franchises, be sure to maintain a steady income while you gain customers.