Welcome, my name is Jorge Aguero and I’m a fitness addict. I am an Advocare Distributor and use some of their products for my fitness workouts and eating habits. I've greated an online presence using Advocare as my base for this nutrition store. The growth of it will be substantial over time, my goal is to list the optimal products that produce maximum results for lowest cost.

Why Fit Panda for a Fitness, & Nutrition Store?

Simple enough, Pandas are one of the my favorite creatures in nature. They are attractive to each other through other means than appearance. Fitness is a combination of Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health. It's important to understand that physically fit or the appearance of strength does not mean you are free from weakness.

Total Fitness starts with a Small Decision

Keep moving forward! Don't allow yourself to be discouraged by daily interferences, progress in life at your own pace. Our human nature is to easily forget the trials we combat daily, whether it's physical or mental stress. If you are having a hard-time progressing, start writing a daily journal of emotional or physical events that occur. Monthly, review your logs and notice your own progression.

Goals are not achieved through cutting corners

You want to be able to lift 300lbs like Billy or look like Sally in a bikini, but everytime you try to achieve it you fail. OF COURSE YOU WILL! Billy & Sally did not gain their appears overnight, I'm sure both worked hard at it for a few months or years even. You don't have to measure up to Bill or Sally, you just have to do better than you did the day before.

If you lifted 50lbs 10 times, the following week try doing 55lbs 10 times...etc. If you ran for 10 minutes, try running for 15 minutes the next week. Keep moving forward, don't allow yourself to be discouraged by the difficulties of life.